Frequently Asked Questions About Eliminating Chronic Pain


Do I really have to do my exercises every day?
YES. Your central nervous system has developed specific muscle patterning to compensate for your dysfunctions.  In order to change that, you must stimulate new muscle patterns on a daily basis.

Will my exercises make me sore?
Your path to success may include ups and downs.  Occasionally the exercises may cause some delayed muscle soreness as you begin to integrate new muscle patterning. 

Does insurance cover Pain Free with Oscar therapy?
NO.  During your appointment your specific set of sequenced exercises will be determined by a posture evaluation, biomechanics assessment, gait analysis, and functional tests.  Pain Free with Oscar is not a medical facility.  A medical diagnosis will NOT be made as we do not accept or bill your insurance.

When am I finished with Pain Free with Oscar therapy? 
Timelines will differ from client to client. Our initial goal is to eliminate your pain.  The majority of our clients are clients for life.  They often schedule 2-3 “maintenance” visits per year, even after they have achieved pain free results.

Should I continue to see my massage therapist, chiropractor, etc?
YES.  The Pain Free with Oscar therapy is a great complement to manual therapies. 

Is Pain Free with Oscar therapy any different than taking yoga or Pilates class?
YES.  Your exercises are designed to address your dysfunctions and goals. You will work one-on-one rather than in a class or group setting.

Should I continue with my current activities?
All activity and movement is positive when your body is correctly aligned. It may be necessary to avoid certain activities initially – until the body returns to a neutral position.  Straighten before you Strengthen.

Do I need lots of expensive equipment?
NO.  Your therapy will be specific to you and may require the use of some simple, inexpensive foam blocks, straps, or pillows.

I have a friend I want to introduce Pain Free with Oscar therapy.  May I bring them with me to my appointment?
ABSOLUTELY!  We encourage our clients to bring others to their appointments, or even to send their friends in to talk to learn more about the program.

Client Testimonial

My active, athletic, 12 year old son, Nick, was having pain in his ankles and feet when he would run. He wanted to participate in soccer, basketball, track and other sports but it was just too painful. I took him to a podiatrist and bought him custom made orthotic inserts for his shoes. He still couldn’t run without severe pain.

My husband saw Pete Egoscue several years ago for an injury he had from running. He was very pleased with the results and suggested we take Nick to San Diego to see if Pete could help him. We called to make an appointment and found out there was an Egoscue office in San Jose.
I took Nick for a consultation and he started a series of stretching exercises. Nick’s ankles and feet were feeling better. At this point we were excited about the progress he was making, but had no idea that we were faced a much worse health scare.

Nick’s knees started to hurt and his legs became weak. The pain became so severe he couldn’t put any weight on his legs. At this point my son couldn’t walk. I took him to our pediatrician who ordered blood tests for Leukemia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. She referred us to a rheumatoid specialist who ordered more tests and started Nick on a course of steroids. She was sure he had arthritis and said he’d have to take medication for the rest of his life.
I took Nick to the lab at Good Samaritan Hospital to have the tests done. I had to push him around in a wheelchair. Nick couldn’t walk and at this point his shoulders had stiffened. He looked like he had Cerebral Palsy.

After leaving the hospital I took Nick to see Oscar at the Egoscue office. He worked with Nick for one hour and Nick was completely free of pain. Nick could not only stand up straight, he could walk and even run! I can only describe it as a miracle. I was so full of emotion watching my son run up and down the hall with a big smile on his face. I just stood there crying. After we left the Egoscue office that afternoon my son (who was in a wheelchair earlier that day) and I went for a walk together. It was amazing!

My husband and I are so thankful we found the Egoscue method for Nick. He is feeling great and pain free.
By the way, all of the blood tests came back negative. Nick doesn’t take any medications. He simply does a series of stretching exercises and is doing great. He’s even trying out for a competition soccer team in a few weeks. He looks forward to playing sports in the coming school year.
We can’t thank Oscar and the Egoscue Method enough for helping Nick get back in the game!
— Susan W.