About Oscar Gonzales


“With over 30 years of experience working with clients with injury and rehabilitation needs, I have compiled a series of exercise programs that are highly effective and simple to use. The difference in my practice is the approach of using specific exercises to mechanically engage the brain to align the neural pattern of the musculoskeletal system. This technique immediately rebalances compensated movement patterns to eliminate chronic pain.” ~ Oscar Gonzales

Feature Clients

  • Bill Murray -actor, golfer, and winner of 2011 AT&T Golf Pro/Am Tournament, 

  • Trent Dilfer -NFL and his family

  • Ben Lynch  -NFL

  • Pat Burrell -MLB and his family

  • Jeff Datz -MLB

  • Daniel Nava -MLB

  • Becky Kim –US Olympian

  • Fred Shoemaker -PGA and his family

  • Laird Small -PGA and his family

Oscar Gonzales is one of the few recognized Egoscue© Advanced Exercise Therapists (AET) in the world and has been a practitioner of the Egoscue© Method for almost 15 years.  The Egoscue© Method is a revolutionary approach for treating chronic pain with corrective exercise posture therapy.  Oscar has over 30 years experience with Biomechanics in the Health and Wellness Fitness Industry with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology specializing in Exercise Science.

Oscar works with clients of all ages, injuries and conditions who simply want to be active and pain free.   

His clients also include Athletes (PGA and LPGA golfers, Olympic and Jr. Olympic athletes, NFL and MLB players, high school and club athletes) and many healthcare professionals (doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, nurses, physical therapists, and acupuncturists).

Oscar has pioneered an innovative Pain Free Wellness Program for the Northern California KAISER Permanente Regional Laboratories in Berkeley and Richmond, teaching corrective exercise classes to the various departments of lab scientists and technicians. Oscar is also privileged to educate the benefits of corrective exercise and posture therapy for pain to Physicians of The Permanente Medical Group- Fairfield, Napa, Vacaville, and Vallejo through a Physicians Health and Wellness Grant.

The Pain Free With Oscar iPhone App

In these videos, Oscar guides you through 3 corrective exercises that can reduce symptoms for chronic neck-shoulder, back, hips and knee-foot pain. These exercises are geared towards improving weakness in joint stability, improve mechanics for optimal range of motion and increase function and strength eliminating posture imbalances that produce chronic pain. The App is designed to strengthen and reset the shoulders, spine and hips in its 3 evolutionary stages of human development: Lying on your back like a baby, Sitting up in a chair like a toddler and Standing like an adult. The exercises used in these videos are specific in re-setting the Neural Pattern to the brain, improving overall movement. These popular videos have been viewed and shared on social media worldwide, and now Oscar has it all for you in an App for the iPhone and iPad.
Download my Corrective Exercise App and start doing them today!

Contact me directly at (408) 612-1222 or oscar@painfreewithoscar.com

Corrective Exercises For Your Chronic Pain

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A Balanced Body

A body in pain is not balanced. Our bodies were designed to be active to balance our musculoskeletal, digestive, circulatory, and immune systems. We restrict this harmonious balance with lack of activity, and/or repetitive and compensative movements. These series of simple stretches and gentle exercises are designed to restore the full, natural function of muscles and joints.

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Posture Therapy Exercises

Posture therapy exercises correct and strengthen the body’s posture by emphasizing the balance of deeper muscles in the axial skeleton and pelvis.

You can download our app or schedule an in-person appointment with Pain Free With Oscar to learn posture therapy exercises. Take the first step towards eliminating chronic pain.

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The Effects Of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects an estimated 86 million American adults. One in every three adults are in chronic pain. In addition to having physical pain, people with chronic pain often cannot work, be physically active, or sleep well. Pain that persists can lead to: depression, anxiety, anger, isolation, weight issues, and stress. Chronic pain affects every area of a person’s life.